Get Connected

Aside from our Sunday Services, the following are some of the many other ways to CONNECT in this local assembly!

This Month's Bulletin


Corporate Prayer Gatherings

6:30pm Wednesdays; and 9am Pre-Service on Sundays.  Additionally, we have Harp & Bowl Prayer Meetings, Times of Prayer and Fasting, when we assemble nightly to pray. 


Following Prayer on Wednesday nights, we have Discipleship Class. This is a great way to be strenghtened in the Word of God and further develop your faith.

We do Life together!

We encourage everyone to be as 'connected' as possible!  We love to fellowship and break bread in one another's homes; the Word of God and Prayer are central to our gatherings.


We believe the Lord wants each of us firmly planted in His church.  Membership is available for those who share our love for Body of Christ and a passion for the vision of this local assembly, including discipleship, the advancement of the gospel message, and fueling the ministry (G.A.S. - Giving, Attending and Serving).